Inspection Services Department is open Monday through Friday for modification requests which pertain to the Common Elements and individual units which are within the scope of Management Maintenance. Modification requests must be made in person or by completing our online Modification Request Form and E-mailing it to


The Inspection Service Department is here to help answer any questions you may have. Please review the most frequently asked questions and answers listed below.

  1. When and why is a modification needed?
    • (Including but not limited to) When installing an HVAC, Windows and Entry/Storm Doors, Washers & Dryers, Hurricane Shutters, Awnings & Fences, Flooring, Patio Pours/Painting, Landscaping, etc. Why – All modifications or alterations must have prior written from the Association to ensure that all contractors or tradesmen are licensed and insured and can provide proof of same. Also to ensure contractors are complying with current codes and permitting.
  2. What is the $35 fee for?
    • This fee is for reviewing the modification to verify that the contractor is licensed and insured, performing any necessary pre or post inspections and presenting the completed forms to the Association for their final approval.
  3. How can I get a modification application form if I can’t get to the Community Service Office during their business hours?
    • (Work, Out-of-State). The modification forms can be obtained on the On Top of the World Communities website ( by clicking on Community Services, then Modification Request Forms. You can submit the completed request forms to the Community Service Office located in the East Recreation Center, Drop the packet at the mailboxes located by the East Activity Center entry doors, or by mailing it to:
      On Top of the World Communities
      2069 World Parkway Blvd
      Clearwater, Fl. 33763
      Attention: Inspection Services
  4. Do I need a modification if I’m just upgrading kitchen or bathroom fixtures? Cabinets?
    • Only if you’re making changes to the current configuration of the unit. IE, adding electrical, removing a wall, converting a tub to a shower, etc.
  5. Why is an underlayment necessary if I’m on a second or third floor?
    • It is required that an underlayment with an IIC (Impact Insulation Class) of 72 or higher be installed with hard-surface flooring for better noise suppression between the upper floors.
  6. Why do we need a modification for landscaping?
    • Anytime plantings are placed in the common element, Association approval is required. This is to avoid any invasive or harmful species being planted and also to inform residents of their parameters when landscaping.
  7. What are the requirements for installing a washer and dryer?
    • A Pinellas County building permit and Association approval is required for the installation of a washer and dryer. These approvals will not be granted if the plumbing is not tied into the kitchen main stack as per code and the dryer isn’t vent-less. The exception is when the unit has a dedicated laundry room.


  1. Can I have chairs and tables in the walkways and stairwell end caps?
    • Chairs and tables can be placed at stairwell end caps as long as the furniture is outdoor rated and has received Association approval through the modification process. Walkway furniture must be limited to two chairs and be of the folding variety. When not in use, the chairs must be folded up against the wall or brought in the unit.
  2. Can I utilize pavers to extend my patio?
    • No, pavers are not an approved addition to the common area and will shift over time, possibly creating a safety issue.
  3. Can I put landscape borders around my flower beds?
    • Only Association approved borders may be used in flower beds. Scalloped borders, wood borders, decorative fences, etc. cannot be used.
  4. What kind of mulch can I use in my flower beds?
    • Standard cypress mulch or chips can be used. Do not use decorative rocks or colored mulch.
  5. How do I contact Inspection Services for questions regarding modifications or compliance issues?


Inspection Services is also available to unit-owners for a pre-inspection should they be considering the sale of their unit, or if the unit-owners want to verify that their unit is currently in compliance with established community standards.

Please utilize the inspection services email for modification questions and compliance issues only. We will not respond to service requests or resident disputes.


Chairs, tables, plants, floor mats and knick-knacks may not be placed in the path of travel, such as hallways and walkways. Sitting areas at balconies must not block or impede entrance or exit. Hallways and walkways are routinely inspected by the Pinellas County Fire Marshall. Unit owners in violation will be sited by the County and are subject to fines or other actions for non-compliance.


Click on the appropriate request form. Follow instructions on it and return it and the Modification Request Signature Page to the Community Service Office for review. 


Download and fill out the Modification Request Signature Page PDF.
This form must accompany all requests.