The Community Service Office is located: In the East Activity Center, 2069 World Parkway Blvd. Clearwater.
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 3pm. Closed for lunch from noon to 12:30pm.

The Community Service Office is here for service-related requests which pertain to the Common Elements and which are within the scope of Management Maintenance. Service requests can be made in person, over the phone 727-683-6981 or by utilizing the Service Request form link below.

For an emergency in a Common Element 4 p.m. to 6 a.m. call 799-1115. Live operators will forward the following emergencies only: Fire, Elevator Entrapment, Building Alarm Malfunction and Water Entering an Apartment from the unit above. Non-emergencies will not be accepted by the after-hour service. All issues not mentioned above should be reported to the service Department during normal business hours.

At the Community Service office you can also: get your activity card, pick up and drop off forms, visit the lost and found desk, buy stamps and send flat rate packages, and purchase OTOW merchandise.

Service Request

To submit a Service Request follow the link and fill out the online form.

Address Change

To submit an Address Change click the link below to download the PDF. Return the completed form to the Management Enterprises, Inc. address listed on the form.

Emergency Contact Update

To submit an Emergency Contact Update follow the link and fill out the online form.

SCA Recreational Facility Rules

To acknowledge you have read the SCA Recreational Facility Rules.


An Activity Card is issued to all Association-approved owners and all Association-approved tenants with a six month lease or longer. A maximum of 2 cards will be issued. To use the Activity Center facilities, residents must have a current and valid activity card. To get a card issued, or update your card, you may do so Monday through Friday 8:30am – Noon and 12:30pm – 3:00pm at the Community Service Office in the East Activity Center, except on holidays. Lost cards should also be reported to the Community Service Office. The cost to replace an Activity Card is $25.00.

Important: In order to receive an activity card you will first need to fill out a liability waiver via the link below. 24 hours after submitting this form you can come to the CSO with your picture ID and a current piece of mail with your OTOW address to have your picture taken and a card printed. The fee is $3.00. The signed agreement is valid for one year from the day of signage.

To renew your card you must bring your current or expired card, a picture ID and a current piece of mail with your OTOW address. $3.00 if a new card is being printed.

Owners who rent their units must return their Activity Card and submit a lease application in order for renters to obtain an Activity Card.


Click link the below to go to the Water Services page to learn more about turning the water on and off in your residence.


The Community Service Office at 2069 World Parkway also houses a Village Post Office. Here you can buy stamps, flat rate envelopes and boxes and drop off your mail. The closest Post Office is on Hercules, south of Sunset Point Road. The actual address is 1851 N Hercules Avenue, phone number: 727-447-7166. The Main Post Office is located at 100 Belcher Road, phone number: 727-464-2906.


Turn in and recover all lost items at the Community Service Office in the East Activity Center. Items are kept for six (6) months.