The Parkway Management Remediation Department exclusively serves the residents of the On Top of the World Community.

We may locate your leak source when:

  • Water appears on the floor
  • In a cabinet
  • Dripping from above

Water leaks can come from many sources. Do not delay in reporting, it will not “just go away.” If an active leak persists, it can cause severe damage.

Our staff is passionate about resolving your issue quickly.


Whether you are home or away, always keep your thermostat no higher than 78 degrees. Florida’s tropical weather is very humid. Without your AC running properly, condensation may cause mildew and mold to grow and spread quickly. As a further safeguard, remember to always have your air conditioning system serviced annually. This service should include a clean out of your unit’s drain line. A properly serviced air conditioner is much less likely to damage your home or your neighbors.

Have your hot water heater regularly checked to ensure it is functioning properly. Old or rusted water heaters may be a source for a water leak that may damage your home. Appliances in clean and proper service not only save money in the cost of operation, but they are less likely to malfunction, causing damage to your home, or someone else’s.


Water heaters traditionally last 10-15 years.

It may be time to replace your water heater if:

  • It’s almost 10 year old.
  • Leaking around the base of the unit.
  • Not producing as much hot water.
  • Noisy.

If your water heater fails, you may be held financially responsible if it causes damage to the surrounding units.


Water intrusion can be very costly. Parkway Maintenance & Management wants to help the community in limiting these types of situations. Residents can do their part by requesting their water service be turned off when planning to be away from your unit for an extended period of time. For the safety of your property as well as the safety of others, Parkway Management now requires that you be present when our personnel arrive to execute your order for service. If Parkway Management is not able to make contact with you at the time we arrive to provide service, the water will not be turned on until we can. Click the link below for more information and to request Water Turn On/Off Service.


  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance on Hvac system
  • Replacing your water heater based on age, recommended between 8-10 years
  • Repair or replace leaking faucets
  • If you cannot turn your shut of valves (to toilet supply lines, under bath vanities, under kitchen sink, etc.) replace immediately.
  • Do not over pack items under the kitchen sink that could disturb water supply lines or water filter lines.
  • If you see water on the floor and are unsure of the source contact Parkway Maintenance. Through the Website, service department, phone number or in the case of a large amount of water, the emergency number.
  • When leaving the condo for an extended period of time have the water shut off at the main. (schedule through the “Water line”)

NO! They do not break down in water; they can clog up plumbing systems and damage pipes.


Cooking oil, meat fats, butter, margarine, coffee grounds, flour, rice, or pasta. (this list is not intended to be all inclusive)

Yes, They can be purchased at the OTOW Service Department in the East Side Recreation Center for approximately $50.00 or any home improvement store.

Recommend on the floor under the air handler or close by, near your water heater, if you have a water softener or filtration system under the kitchen sink. These are just a few suggestions.

  • Community Service Office 727 683-6981
  • Water turn On/Off 727 799-3417 – Select Option 6
  • After Hours/Emergency Weekend 727 799-1115

Absolutely! We strongly recommend you have adequate coverage.

In the event of a fire, a failed water heater, a large area of flooring covered in water to name a few.  (The remediation personnel can help assess and provide recommendations in other applicable situations)

At a minimum, when you are not occupying the unit for an extended period of time. Always if you are seasonal and the unit is going to be vacant for weeks or months.

It is always recommended that you have someone check your unit in your absence.

It is also recommended that you place plastic wrap tightly over your toilet bowl to help prevent water evaporation in the bowl while it is not in use. This action may assist in the prevention of entry into the unit by rodents or other small animals.

Have someone check your unit weekly.

Make sure OTOW has a current phone number to reach you in the event of an emergency.

When possible leave a key with a neighbor. If that is not an option, put a lockbox on your front door containing a key.


Fill out the Remediation Department contact form and one of our representatives will contact you.