Association Information

Message to Residents:

Corrected Operating Budget: June 3, 2020

Click Here to Download the Memo Regarding Corrected Operating Budget:  June 3, 2020

The attached documents are being mailed to all Owners of Record from your Association on March 13, 2020. They contain information on the Spectrum Bulk Service proposals.

Please download these to your computer.

  • After consideration of the Options, print out the Vote on Spectrum ballot form.
  • Fill out completely and return to your Association by April 17, 2020.
  • If you own multiple units, please print a ballot form for each unit.
  1. Letter from Association on Spectrum Bulk Service
  2. FAQs
  3. Worksheet
  4. Spectrum Channel Listing in your area
  5. Vote Ballot Form

Estoppel Certificate Request Information:
When requesting estoppel certificates, please include your name, company name and address (if applicable), unit owner(s) name(s), unit address and indicate how you wish to receive the estoppel certificate. Please specify if this request is in conjunction with a property transfer, mortgage refinance or other. All estoppel requests must be received by email, US Mail, or fax as provided below:

  • Fax: 352-854-0815
  • Phone: 352-873-6046
  • Estoppel Fees due upon receipt of estoppel certificate but may also be paid in advance or collected at the time of closing. Please make check payable to Parkway Maintenance & Management, LLC. and send to US Mail address provided above:
    • $50 (no property inspection, applicable for mortgage refinances)
    • Up to $250 (includes property inspection and full report)
    • Expedited (within 3 business days after request), additional $100
    • If delinquent amount is owed to the association for the applicable unit, an additional fee for the estoppel certificate may be charged not to exceed $150 (estoppel request will be sent to association’s Law Firm for preparation)
  • Estoppel Certificates will be processed and returned within 10 business days after receipt of electronic, mailed or faxed request

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