Florida’s Senate Bill 4D, which was passed in May 2022, made it mandatory for all Florida condominium and cooperative buildings, three stories or higher, to undergo milestone inspections, structural inspections, and submit specific information to the DBPR.

In addition, regarding the funding of reserves for the continued maintenance and repair of condominium and cooperative buildings, among other things, the bill prohibits waiver of reserves by associations for certain structural components.

Your Association needs your support in making legislators aware of what impact this law would have on residents of On Top of the World Condominium Community here in Clearwater.

Click the link below to view a status updated for SB-4D update/SB-154.

SB 4D update-SB 154 Summary as of 02.16.2023.PDF

Click the link below to view the Parkway Maintenance and Management Report.

Parkway Maintenance and Management Report January 2023.PDF

Click the link below to view the report of the Florida Bar RPPTL Condominium Law and Policy Life Safety Advisory Task Force.

Condominium-Law-and-Policy-Life-Safety-Advisory-Task-Force-Report.pdf (floridabar.org)